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Toddler doing fine after life-flight episode

April 6, 2000

As a mother, Kim Gabriel knows it's difficult to keep a close eye on children every second.

Fortunately, with a quick response of Emergency Medical Services and having odds in her favor, an accident involving her 21-month-old son Tucker quickly went from possible tragedy to what she said was a miracle.

Last Sunday her son was transported by helicopter to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., after he was injured at the construction site of the family's new home.

"We were out in the yard, and there was a ladder leaning against the house," Gabriel said. "It fell and hit him on the head. It didn't knock him out and we took him inside to assess him."

After the child began vomiting and appearing very ill, Gabriel and her husband Jim called 911 and were instructed to meet an EMS specialist at Nottingham Elementary. A specialist happened to be at the Kwik Shop across from the school, and had already taken steps to insure a quick transport for the child.

"When we showed up," Gabriel said, "the EMS person said 'I've already called the helicopter.'"

The decision was made to take young Tucker to the Kansas City-based hospital because of his age.

"At the time, they thought things were so serious that was the place to be if something was wrong," Gabriel said. "The hardest part was when they said I couldn't go with him."

After being transported by helicopter to the hospital, he underwent a series of tests and escaped tragedy with nothing more than a bump and bruise on his head.

His parents arrived after by vehicle and Tucker was released that afternoon. He is now back to his energetic, youthful self.

"The doctors said he was kind of a little miracle baby because it could have been so much worse," Gabriel said. "We're counting our blessings everyday."

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