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Planning and Zoning commission approves revisions to planned overlay district

April 13, 2000

Requirements for developers submitting future building plans will soon be up to speed thanks to action by Eudora's planning and zoning commission.

On Wednesday, April 5 the commission approved a revised copy of the Planned Overlay District. The changes, made from an older copy help define details that all developers must have when submitting plans to the commission or the city.

"What other towns do, is they have some common requirements for each district," said Matt Taylor, city engineer. "But Eudora hasn't had that."

Eudora is compromised of five zoning districts: residential, duplex, commercial, industrial and single-family. Each district has its own zoning regulations, but the overlay will govern common regulations for the five districts.

Taylor said changes include listing the scale of submitted plans and a table stating the time to complete the development. All plans will also have to be submitted on digital and hard copy, making them viewable on computer.

The overlay will require more plans from developers because the current relaxed regulation are less than clear.

"They were in there, but they weren't clear enough," Taylor said. "Hopefully, it will make it easier on the developers because they have the same 20 pages of regulations to look at."

Taylor said the change would add uniformity to the regulations with long-term benefits.

"It's probably more restrictive than the old one, but it should make it easier for the developers," Taylor said.

The council will vote on the new overlay regulations at its April 12 City Council meeting.

In other action, the commission approved:

The final plat for the Four Star addition. The plan will go the city council to be voted on.

A future land use map for the Long Range Comprehension Plan to be sent to the city council.

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