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Grosdidier: A free-swinging sophomore
April 20, 2000
Unlike most hitters, Eudora High’s Karen Grosdidier openly admits that when she steps into the batter’s box, she is swinging for the fences.
Cardinals beat up on Burlingame
April 20, 2000
Heading into Thursday’s doubleheader at Spring Hill, the Eudora Cardinals are 4-4 not bad, but not what it could be, says coach Jon Dunaway.
Locals hope home-track advantage carries over to Cardinal Relays
April 20, 2000
If Friday’s Eudora Invitational was any indication, the hometown Cardinals certainly enjoy the home-track advantage, which can be deemed nothing but good news heading into Thursday’s 11-team Cardinal Relays.
Community Feedback: Is school safety an issue here?
April 20, 2000
Suburban cowboy
No bull local rodeo standout now specializes in riding horses bareback
April 20, 2000
For a cowboy, there’s not much that can keep him away from horse riding, bull riding or rodeos. But after laying clinically dead in 1994 the victim of a bull ride gone bad Ron Crystal decided to give up riding bulls.
Council continues action to bring company to Eudora
April 20, 2000
Eudora inched closer to bringing Royal Tractor Inc. into its business fold with the application of a Community Development Block Grant.
Company can take away jobs, but not freedom of speech
April 20, 2000
By summer’s end, 135 employees at a Eudora printing plant will be out of jobs. Not to worry, says Communicolor management. Those workers will be taken care of if they play the game by the rules.
West students meet their pen pals
April 20, 2000
Fourth-grade students from Eudora West Elementary got the opportunity to meet with some friends they had never seen when they made a trip to Prairie Park Elementary in Lawrence.
Zero tolerance has reduced school violence
April 20, 2000
National surveys indicate that the majority of students seven of every 10 believe a school shooting could happen in their communities even though there is a 1 in 2 million chance of being killed in a school.
One year after Columbine, safety is an emphasis
April 20, 2000
If they weren’t aware of it before, the Columbine High massacre, which left 15 dead the bloodiest school shooting in American history officially put an end to any thoughts by educators that it could never happen here.
A battle awaits
Developer’s plan for Eudora manufactured home park faces snags
April 20, 2000
When city engineer Matt Taylor opened up the Lawrence Journal-World last Thursday, he was shocked to read news of a manufactured housing development coming to town.