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A safe parade makes for a happy parade


August 3, 2000

A belated congratulatory message goes out to everyone who made the recent CPA Picnic a smashing success.

Eudora turned out in force to take part in the event, which dates back to Eudora's early days, when a fledgling town played host to its community members once a year to share concerns and more important fellowship.

This year's event was no different.

A good time was had by all.

The town whooped it up during the carnival, parade and live entertainment. Others took part in a 4-mile run and a golf tournament. In other words, there was something for everyone and you didn't have to look far to find it.

The CPA Picnic has stood the test of time and a changing community to become one of the staples of Eudora. We have no doubt the event will flourish to even greater levels in the coming years.

One matter of concern: The parade is a potential accident waiting to happen. Unattended children were reportedly jumping out in front of moving vehicles to retrieve candy, which was being thrown from the parade floats.

The CPA Parade Committee should take a close look at this situation to prevent a accident before one occurs. The choices are simple: Make the street unaccessible to anyone except those participating in the parade ropes or road blocks would do the trick or prohibit those in the parade from throwing candy.

It's not our intention to be killjoys. We believe in the CPA Picnic and the parade. Ensuring that the event is fun and safe for everyone should be the No. 1 priority. An ounce of planning might be worth a pound of prevention in this case.

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