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Flea markets jump around

Eudora’s antique businesses go through some shifting

August 3, 2000

Downtown Eudora will see a change in storefronts during the next month.

All three of the town's antique businesses are moving.

Alan Martinek, owner of Alan's Antiques, is in the process of buying the building that Massey's Main Street Flea Market was renting.

Even though Alan's Antiques has been located on Locust Street just off of old Highway 10 for five years, Martinek said he's moving to the Main Street store because of the size.

"I'm moving to where the flea market is because it's bigger," he said. "There's more space and more room over there."

But Martinek won't run the business alone.

Jim Harris, owner of Keystone Corner, said he is moving his store into the same building as Martinek.

Harris, who has operated out of his Main Street store for only about three months, said he couldn't refuse Martinek's offer.

"I'm moving for one very good reason," he said. "He made me a good deal. I don't have to pay rent."

In return, Martinek said Harris would run the store.

"I'm too antsy and too full of nerves to sit in the store," Martinek said. "I prefer going to the flea markets, farm auctions and sales."

So while Martinek and Harris are moving in, the Masseys are moving out.

Jane Massey said Massey's Main Street Flea Market is moving to the old Salvage Outlet building located at 709 Main St.

"We're just going to be moving up the street," Massey said.

The store is a little smaller than what she and her husband, Leland, are used to, Massey said.

"We're going to have to downsize a little bit, lose some vendors," she said. "I don't think it will hurt us, though."

She said the flea market will be closed for the month of August and will open again in its new location Sept. 1.

While moving wasn't their first choice, Massey said they would make the best of it.

"It will be all right," she said. "You do what you have to do."

Harris said he and Martinek hope to have their new business open in about a month.

"Martinek wants to remodel and paint a little," Harris said. "We'll have to see what develops, but I'd like to be up there around the first of September or so."

He said the hours and the name of the business have yet to be decided.

"I'd like to keep it Keystone Corner, but we'll probably name is something different," he said.

Martinek, who also owns Misty Woods, a cluster of antique buildings south of Eudora, said he's not sure what he wants to do with his current store once he moves his antiques.

"I really don't want to let it go," he said. "I've spent an awful lot of work on it."

But Martinek said he is ready to change locations.

"I'm out of room here," he said. "When you run out of space, what are you going to do? I need to move."

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