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Hawaiian getaway

Eudora students take part in Lion’s music program

August 3, 2000

Two Eudora High students and 152 other musicians participated in June in the International Lion's Club Band in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Brandon Moore, senior, and Autumn Musick, sophomore, spent June 17-26 playing in both marching and concert bands in Wichita and Waikiki.

The musical trip began June 17 in Wichita. Members of the band practiced for 12 hours then performed an evening of marching and concert band. After the show, the 154 musicians were flown to Waikiki where they practiced another 12 hours on June 19. The next day, band members performed in contests similar to the Wichita performances.

Musick said the trip was fun, but was accompanied by a lot of work.

"You have to have patience and you have to want to walk," Musick said.

Moore agreed.

"The first day of practice, we just marched all day," he said.

Then there was an issue of the uniforms.

"It took us 20 minutes to get ready because we had to wear cowboy jeans, cowboy boots and really ugly yellow shirts," Moore said.

"And I was marching with a broken hand," said Musick, referring to an injury sustained at the June 4, State Lion's Club Band contest in Baldwin City.

However, the hard work paid off. The International Lion's Club Band placed fourth this year in Waikiki, an award Moore said he was happy with.

"For me, that made it all worth it," Moore said.

Participants for the international band came up with $1,500 to cover the expenses of the trip minus personal expenses.

Moore said after attending the 72-person band meeting in San Diego last year, he decided on a return trip.

"I decided just for the heck of it, I'd try it," Moore said. "It was so good I thought I'd go again. It also looks really good on scholarships for college."

Musick agreed, but said she went to travel and to meet new friends. On the nine-hour flight, she also got a chance for some musical improvisation.

"You know that Beatles song Yellow Submarine? We made up a song called white TWA," she laughed.

While there, the young musicians visited the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, swam in the Pacific Ocean and sampled various restaurants. Some favorites were the Hard Rock Cafnd Planet Hollywood and they managed to try Japanese cuisine.

"But the Japanese restaurant food was nasty," Musick said.

Musick also tried Poi, a Hawaiian-Polynesian dip made from cooking breadfruit, sweet potato, bananas, or the taro root. She said the unique taste was not to her liking.

"It's worse than my dad's grilled chicken," she said.

Despite some bad food, a long flight and even longer practices, both say the experience was well worth it.

"When we first got there, we all just kind of bonded at once," Musick said. "We all became sort of family."

Moore said his experience was worth the trip as well.

"It was really worth it," he said.

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