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Praeger topples Rodewald in primary

August 3, 2000

With around 76-percent of the vote on Tuesday, Republican Sandy Praeger took the 2nd District State Senate slot for the November general election.

Praeger received 4,540 votes compared to her opponent Richard Rodewald's 1,399. She said the victory was a nice display of support for the November election.

"It feels real good," Praeger said. "This is my first Republican primary. It's nice to have that kind of support going into the general."

Praeger said her first order of business would be to ease off of campaigning for awhile, only to get back to work.

"I'm not going to do anything for awhile," she said. "I'm back to legislative work for awhile."

Once her campaigning begins in late August, Praeger said, she will continue to focus on health care issues for her platform.

"I think people recognize me for focusing on health care in Kansas," Praeger said. "I'm going to stress that. People know who I am. People know the issues I focus on."

Praeger feels her track record was a driving force behind supportive voters.

Praeger said she believes her continual stance for health care options, especially concerning the elderly, was a key component to her success. A strategy, she said, she doesn't plan to alter.

"I probably won't change anything, I'll keep focusing on my record," Praeger said. "That seemed to work."

Praeger will face Democrat Steve Robinson in the November general election.

Robinson ran unopposed for the Democratic ticket on Tuesday.

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