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Commission rejects initial plans for mobile home park

August 10, 2000

The Eudora Planning and Zoning Commission denied the first official request for a modular home park development in Eudora last Wednesday.

Mike Brungardt, engineer for Lawrence-based Landplan Engineering, said the company is working on plans for a 132-acre, 440 lot modular home development. The land, north of K-10 highway and west of Winchester Road, is owned by and will be developed by Tom Horner Jr. Horner is president of Mid-America Manufactured Housing Inc. and owns the Gaslight Park in Lawrence. Brungardt said a zoning request to change the land from agricultural to residential would come before the council later this month.

"My request here tonight, understanding the depth and detail that such a plan would consider, I would like to request a special study session," Brungardt said. "I think it is only fair to include the public."

The land is not annexed into the city limits and would need to be for water and sewer utilities. Brungardt said the study session request would be before the annexation request so the Eudora City Council, the public and the commission could comment on the desirability of the park in Eudora.

Several commission members didn't agree with a study session before an annexation request, saying there was no precedent for a request in that order.

"I know of no jurisdiction that a study session has been done before a filing," said Kurt von Achen, commission chairman. "I would be opposed. Once there's something on the table, then we can discuss it."

Commission member Rod Moyer agreed with von Achen, as well as commission member Rose House.

"We couldn't decide anything anyway," House said. "I don't want to set that precedent."

Commission members Tonya Summer and Duane Gentlemen agreed. Gentleman said he thought the idea would be good in the future. He suggested a meeting be held outside the commission forum for the public to give input on the development.

"I'd imagine there'd be enough public interest that maybe this should be a separate meeting," Gentleman said.

Brungardt said the motive behind the study session request was not to go around any existing methods, but to try to find the best way possible for community input.

"The intent isn't to circumvent any due process," he said.

"It's a legitimate request, Mike," von Achen assured.

House motioned to deny the request with Moyer seconding the motion. The motion passed 5-1 with Glen Bartlett casting the opposing vote.

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