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City finally gets Moses’ property to use for plant

August 17, 2000

The condemnation of land owned by a Eudora family is now over. and the family couldn't be happier about the outcome.

In March, the Eudora City Council passed an ordinance, condemning 1.5 acres of land owned by Jim and Sheila Moses, 926 Fir. The area is to be used for a storage building by the city's wastewater treatment plant.

Jerry Cooley, Eudora city attorney, said the Moses family has been paid the full amount for the land.

The city originally offered $34,000 for the land but later reduced the amount to $27,000. The lesser amount came from a discrepency, according to a survey by Lawrence-based Peridian Group and study of Douglas County records. The study showed some of the Moses' land was on an invisible county road no longer in use, thus requiring a mortgage adjustment before proceeding. The settlement ultimately cost the city more than its original offer.

"It was $35,000," Cooley said. "That's what the court appraisers awarded. It (came) out of the waste water treatment plant account."

After gaining $1,000 more than the original offer for the section of land, Sheila Moses said the family is satisfied with the price and that the matter is over.

"We're happy with what happened," Moses said. "The initial price on the land that they offered was $34,000 and we got a little bit more out of it."

Moses said she and her husband planned on starting a trucking business on the now condemned piece of land. Now their plans have changed.

"We can't set up a business here," Moses said. "That's what we had planned for the land. It would be too close to the home. I don't like that idea."

Though resolved, Moses said she and her husband planned to move from Eudora. Without enough land to start their business, they are currently looking for a home in a different town to start over.

"We're going to put the money back into the house and then move on," Moses said. "We're glad this is over."

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