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KDOT rejection might impact our quality of life


August 17, 2000

Sadly, the Kansas Department of Transportation shunned Eudora last week.

One of the most rapidly growing communities in the state was rejected in its bid for another K-10 interchange for one basic reason: Spending millions on such a project would have little if any economic impact on our town.

It's one of those Catch 22 situations. An interchange on the west side of Eudora might attract some commercial development, but it's not likely to bring any business our way until it is already in place.

So what our rejected interchange proposal becomes is nothing more than a quality-of-life issue. The quality of life is important.

We believe as Eudora grows, the strain on tiny Church Street handling the flow of commuters going to work and and coming home each night will create a logjam of traffic and make getting across town difficult.

Eudora would lose at least one of its small-town advantages.

The quality of life would be adversely affected.

We realize none of this played into KDOT's decision on how to disperse $1.05 billion for highway intersection and bypass improvements. Nor should it have played a part in the choices.

Still, it's hard for anyone outside of Eudora to look at this project and realize how necessary it is for the development of this community. It's sad that dollars and cents were the determining factor the sole reason, really in this instance.

If misery loves company, there should be some consolation in the fact that neighboring DeSoto, too, was rejected in its bid for a K-10 interchange. Of course, we have a hard time finding much enjoyment in the misfortune of DeSoto or any other city north of the Wichita area that was rejected by KDOT.

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