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Teen pregnancy is something to be ashamed of

To the Editor:

August 31, 2000

I wanted to make a few observations on the article "Dealing With Teen Pregnancy."

Is it not strange that we Americans now discuss teen pregnancy with the watered down terms "awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing" instead of the terms "shameful, immoral and unacceptable?"

There was a time in our country when girls waited until they were married before they had sexual intercourse. There was a time in our country when a girl who became pregnant while unmarried was a shame and disgrace both to herself and her family.

Not so anymore!

Some would applaud this fact, but not I. The fruit of such thinking is plain for all to see. The last two decades have seen more teen pregnancy than at any other time in our nations history! This article is just another sad editorial on the amoral attitude of our society. We have lost our moral compass!

Is it tragic that our young people believe the solution to the problem of teen pregnancy is "using protection" (birth control) instead of abstinence? I

t is tragic that our young people brazenly say, "If you get pregnant, do not try to hide it," as though pregnancy out of wedlock is no really shameful thing at all. The young lady in the article was upset that some persons thought of her as a "slut or something."

However, what are people left to think? She became pregnant as a result of immoral activity! If one does not want others thinking they are immoral people, they should abstain from immoral activities.

Also, I read nothing of the young men who were involved in the act of getting these young ladies pregnant, why not? Where are these young men? Do they not have the responsibility to support their offspring?

When are we going return to the morals and standards that made our nation great? When will we stop excusing immorality and place the shame, responsibility and consequences of such actions on those involved in such?

Dale Du Verney, Eudora

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