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Apology due

Letter to the editor

July 6, 2000

An apology is in order. Recently, a letter of thanks to all involved in the Cancer Relay appeared in the Eudora News. Upon reading the letter, it came to my attention that there had been several omissions.

First, the names of Judi O'Grady and Brooke O'Grady were not mentioned as committee members. This was an obvious and unintentional omission. Both Judi and Brooke, who were the chairman and co-chairman of this event, were the motivating force behind the relay this year. Without their insistence, hard work, encouragement and support the relay would not have occurred. They, along with their family members, also provided the inspiration, which moved the entire community to do its very best.

Another omission was the name of Tom Pyle from the list of corporate sponsors for the event. Tom has always been a long-time supporter of Eudora's activities and we apologize for our failure to recognize his contribution.

And lastly, to all of those young people who appeared voluntarily to help the day of the relay a big thank you!

Marilyn Laws-Porter, Relay for Life Committee Member, Eudora

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