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Thanks, Dr. Bloom; Welcome, Winans


July 13, 2000

A new era began last week in Eudora District when Dave Winans officially took over as the leader of the school district and brought to a close the 18-year run of former superintendent Dan Bloom.

It is not a stretch to say Bloom leaves the job in far better shape than it was when he took over. Eudora boasts new buildings, a dramatic growth in enrollment and a winning attitude that begins with each principal and trickles down through the staff and faculty.

It makes for a better learning environment for our students, who ultimately are the determining factor in whether a school district is successful.

We thank Bloom for turning around the fortunes of Eudora and wish him the best of luck in the future.

We also welcome Winans to Eudora. With him sitting in the superintendent's chair, the future is truly bright. He brings with him a solid background in education.

His strength in curriculum will be a benefit to the school district, as will his enthusiasm for the job and his ability to work well with others.

The school board should also be commended for not settling on one of the other candidates - for continuing its search after two candidates opted not to take the job. Winans is every bit the educator as the two who were offered the position. That the school board put aside its disappointment and frustration to find the best candidate is worth mentioning.

Unfortunately, there will be no period of acclimation for Winans. It is essential he hit the ground running. A new budget is the first order of business and then comes figuring out how to address Eudora's need for both a new middle school and a larger high school.

We are confident he will do what needs to be done. We are confident he will have the support of both the school board and the community.

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