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Eudora’s tradition that keeps getting better each year


July 20, 2000

There is no event in Eudora like the CPA Picnic.

Other events bring the community together we experienced one of them last month and were inspired by the outpouring of affection and support at the Relay for Life but this one does so with just one apparent objective: Fun.

A fun carnival.

A fun round of golf with dozens of your closest friends.

A fun run (if you can call running fun).

Pure unadulterated fun.

Let's face it, Eudora is in need of some unadulterated fun. It's been a tough last few months. We've had a storm that knocked out power and uprooted several trees. There was the sewage backup that destroyed part of a house. And, we won't even rehash the goings on over at city hall.

Suffice it to say, the CPA Picnic, to be held this weekend, comes at a pretty good time.

The CPA Picnic has a history dating back as old as Eudora. During the olden days, Eudora residents gathered for an organized meeting, a community picnic and to share fellowship. Young and old alike rode into town on buggies and wagons just to enjoy being together.

The tradition has weathered the years, but has seen many changes along the way. Today, we have amusement park rides, live music and cotton candy, among other delicacies.

The CPA Picnic Committee and the Eudora Recreation Commission have worked hard to make this year's gathering the best ever. Their efforts are appreciated and applauded.

It's events like the CPA Picnic something that combines tradition with modern-day lifestyles that distinguishes Eudora from other places. This is an event that has stood the test of time while finding ways to improve. It's an event that makes us proud to be in Eudora.

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