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Class of 2000 says farewell

June 1, 2000

Last Sunday, the Class of 2000 said goodbye to their alma mater and hello to their future with the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

With cans of silly string in hand awaiting the ceremony's final moment, the group reflected on its Eudora High experience.

Melissa Moreno, Valedictorian, thanked classmates for support and camaraderie over the years, but gave homage to one special friend Nicole Peda, who died in a car accident her sophomore year.

"On behalf of my class and myself, we miss you and we love you," Moreno said.

Moreno said her school experience has been good, much in part from the teachers she'd grown to love and the tight-knit community.

"I love our small town and no, it's not because of cruising Main street or hanging out at the car wash," she joked.

Salutatorian Aubry Jamison spoke on how she was just now becoming aware of the reality of graduation and how this would be the last time the group would be united as a one body.

"Now that we're here, I find myself in a confused state," Jamison said. "It's just now sunk in this is the last time we'll be together as a class."

Jamison said while saddened that friends will disperse, she hopes for future friendships and a dream to renew old ones in the future.

"I really do not want to end this with goodbye because I feel goodbye is final," she said. "Rather, I would like to end this with, 'I'll see you around.'"

Former EHS principal and district employee Charlie Watts advised departing seniors on the importance of preparing for life's offerings.

Watts encouraged the students to focus on life's choices, remembering each would affect their future. He asked them to think about their lifestyles, affiliations, how they would deal with adversity and finding a purpose in all they do.

"Set your focus today on all that you're capable of," Watts said. "Don't hesitate to get involved and support those things you believe in. Get involved."

In closing, Watts told the seniors to focus on success and fight through failures.

"People who succeed regularly expect to succeed," he said. "Unless you visualize yourself succeeding, you won't succeed."

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