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Letters to the Editor continued

June 8, 2000

This is a time to apologize and reflect
I would like to formally apologize to Tom Pyle and his family. The remarks I made in last week's paper were totally out of line and unprofessional. I stepped over the line with my remarks. They were made purely out of anger and I will do my best to not repeat that mistake again.

The council meetings of the past weeks have been some of the worst times of my life to this point. There have been lies about me in the newspaper and I have been threatened with violence at the meetings.

I would like to respond to Carla Deay's letter last week in which she accused me of having my pastor fired. I did not even serve on the committee that was responsible for removing the pastor of my church. That man was a good friend of mine, and still is.

He did not help me campaign for the office of the council. He did not even have one of my yard signs in his yard. He was a campaign supporter as most of the people in the community were.

You should check your facts next time before you make accusations against someone.

I would also like everyone to know that the council, with the help of the city prosecutor, are working very hard to get our community cleaned up.

We are currently working on at least 20 different properties; this is not something that just happens overnight.

I do my very best to serve this community. Serving on the city council is a very difficult, thankless job that I happen to enjoy. We don't do this for the money as we are paid only $120 per year. That would work out to about 35 cents per hour for me.

It is very sad to me that more people in town don't take an active part in the local governmental process until there is something that makes them mad. I would encourage all citizens to attend as many meetings as possible.

I deeply care about our town and only want what is best for it. I will do my very best to serve all of the citizens and make this area a great place to live.

Dan Gregg
Eudora Councilman

Everyone was too quick to pass judgment
By the time this reaches print, I'm sure the situation concerning Bill Harlow will have at least calmed down.

I, for one, don't believe I have the information necessary to second-guess the decision made by the city council.

I put my trust in the current city council since they have the information necessary to make these kinds of decisions. If you want to be privy to all the necessary information, then get elected to the council.

In the meantime, I must trust that the council is making informed decisions. Unless you have all the factual information, don't be so quick to pass judgment.

Beverly Koerner

Professionalism is necessary for all
Last week when I read my Eudora paper, I was disappointed three times.

Disappointed in the judgment of an elected city official to use a childish insult when describing another city official to the newspaper. When my 3-year-old says that word, he is disciplined.

I was also disappointed in the editorial judgment of The Eudora News. I would like to know the reason behind the printing of those comments.

The new-and-improved Eudora News has taken great strides toward providing Eudora with a professional paper.

Why regress into muckraking sensationalism? I'm sure that there are, in any given week, thousands of inappropriate comments made from one Eudora citizen to the next. Should The Eudora News print them all?

I am further disappointed in the mayor and entire city council. Did you not learn the lesson about sudden firings from the last city superintendent? It did not work then and it did not work now. I believe a good portion of this town is currently questioning how well we are being governed.

As the City of Eudora begins the 21st century and the population approaches 10,000, I would like to prescribe a dose of professionalism to the city management and the newspaper. As I read in the paper not too long ago, "this ain't no rinky-dink operation."

Aron Cromwell

Apology needed
Excuse me, Mr. Gregg, but your comments really upset me. First of all, to have people on our city council speak so hatefully about a man you were elected to work with is shameful. He is not an idiot.

I don't know you, but I have lived in Eudora for 60 years, and I do know Tom Pylea man who has been here almost that long, has a good business and raised a fine family.

If you need him, you could find him in church every morning. He is an honest man who would not hurt anyone. I think you owe him an apology.

As for the rest of the time you have on the council, try to serve it in a way to help our town.

Helen Grosdidier

City Council members show blundering side
It is really disheartening to have Dan Gregg make a statement "the people of Eudora who know Tom Pyle know he's an idiot."

I, for one, and along with many others in Eudora, have known Tom for years and (know he) is far from an idiot!

How could Tom be a successful businessman for 40 years? Can a painter be that successful for 40 years? Dan Gregg, you need to think twice before opening your mouth.

As for Tom's statement made on how this city is run, it should be known by all citizens of Eudora. I could not agree more with that statement.

Others, and I, are very proud to have Tom on the city council.

He is respected and stands for truth, honesty and integrity not for quick deals and decisions being made behind closed doors and keeping a close eye on city workers to make sure they are doing their job.

That is how dictators operate. We do live in a free country, with freedom of speech.

Congratulations on the letter by Carla Deay. I was very enlightened by the comments about our elected council members and the mayor. What a big disappointment they have become in using their authority.

Now, for Bill Harlow's jobthat was not an honest mistake. It was stupid, unethical and humiliating to Mr. Harlow.

The citizens of Eudora need to keep more in touch with what is really happening in our town to make it a first-class city, not a hillbilly city with fly-by-night decisions.

Maybe the citizens need to get together and eliminate the mayor and some of the council members' jobs. After all, they do work for us.

Pat Shawbaker

Former Eudora city worker has say
As a former employee of the City of Eudora, I have seen the unfortunate changes that have taken place since the election of the current mayor and city council.

One council member has spoken out about the pressure that was placed on him to vote their way and the power trip they are on since they were put in office.

Two superintendents have been removed in a short timefirst, Gary Malburg, and now Bill Harlow.

They both put the City of Eudora first and even took care of city business on their own time. How many of us would be that devoted to our jobs when we were off work at home?

Now they are threatening to replace Bill Long. The mayor has appointed himself superintendent in running the city. Is he now going to be the police chief, also? Talk about an ego.

Eudora is a growing community and it cannot afford this kind of governing. The police chief has served the City of Eudora faithfully his entire career. Who are these people to make these statements they have about the police department?

I know what the present city employees are going through, and a lot of them will leave like I did.

Before the last election, some people said we needed a change. Well, we have it now.

Some of you might remember the television show "The Dukes of Hazard." What was the name of the character that ran the town there? I think he resides here in Eudora now.

Remember to vote in the next election for a new change, unless you like the current "good ol' boy" philosophy.

I want to say thank you to Tom Pyle, the (council) member who let us know what he is facing there.

Kevin G. Reetz

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