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A Relay-for-Life thank you

Letter to the Editor

June 22, 2000

Another Eudora cancer relay has come and gone. Thanks are in order to many organizations and individuals who made this year's relay a success.

Those of us on the committee were glad to see so many people from the community at large who came out to participate and be a part of this event that is fast becoming a tradition.

Thanks to all the team captains and their teams who worked hard. Not only did they walk through the night, but they also collected over $24,000. Added to other proceeds, this amount helped boost the relay total to approximately $37,700.

Team captains were Brooke O'Grady, Judi O'Grady, Julie Stewart, Karen Sanders, Jeanne Siebert, Robin Kilmer, Angie Holmes, Sherry Crawford, Pamela Bass, Michele Cleveland, Teresa Carnagie, Mary Kay Gregory, Kelly Freeman, Rose House, Brian Snow, Shonna Warrington, Mary Higgins, Dale Du Verney, Dan Simon, Monica Durkin, Suzanne Christenson, Janet Gabriel and Sarah Wilcher. Two of the teams came from the Kansas City area to support Brooke O'Grady.

Thanks to the corporate sponsors who gave so generously. Many also participated on teams. They offer a challenge to other local and area businesses to become involved in the relay next year.

A special thanks to all those who participated in the program with special music which made the entire program an inspirational event Robyne and Daren Pippert, Cailan O'Grady and Annette Bock, as well as the musical team of "Small Talk" including Michael and Stephanie Gordon, "Junkyard Jazz" and Complete Music DJ.

A special thanks goes to Father Paul Miller and Rev. Dale Du Verney for their part in the program.

Thanks to the confirmation class from Holy Family Church, which was a tremendous help in setting up. Also, the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Eudora 4-H Club, Eudora Booster Club and all the young people and numerous other individuals who showed up to help the day of the relay, especially Mary Abel and Mary Ann Nicolay.

Special thanks are in order for Matt Daigh (logistics) who came early, stayed the night, and was the last one on the track the morning after, leaving Laws Field in perfect order.

Thanks to The Eudora News for the wonderful coverage of this event through advertising and feature stories highlighting the relay and also walking as a team. Special thanks here to Pamela Bass, Theresa Abel, Eric Gruber and the entire Eudora News staff.

And finally, a huge thanks to all the committee members: Julie Stewart, Julie Burne, Rose and Dave House, Rod Moyer, Robyne and Daren Pippert, Violet Huseby, Sandi Westerhouse, Rita Kraus, Arline Kindle, Dorothy Westerhouse, Grace Marion and Marilyn Laws-Porter. Special thanks to the entire O'Grady family who inspired and challenged us to give our very best effort. They are a remarkable family.

Thanks are also in order for Toniann Granzow and Betsy Hart, representatives of the American Cancer Society. They both gave numerous hours to make this relay such a special event.

While we kick back and bask in the success of another relay, we send an invitation to the entire community to come join us next year to help find a cure for this disease which has touched so many in our small town.

Thank you, Eudora, for making this relay the best ever.

Eudora Relay for Life Committee 2000

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