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Adkinson fills vacancy

Planning & zoning commission fills slot with rural Eudoran

June 22, 2000

Ken Adkinson has been appointed as the newest member of the Eudora Planning and Zoning Commission, filling the shoes of 27-year veteran Stan Byrne.

Adkinson was approved at last Wednesday's Eudora City Council meeting by a 3-2 vote, replacing Byrne after the annual appointment period in May. A rural Eudora resident, Adkinson said his knowledge of the commission's issues and procedures may be limited, he is looking forward to learning and giving input to future issues.

"I'm kind of just getting my feet on the ground," Adkinson said. "Experience is real good but occasionally new ideas aren't all bad."

Commission chairman Kurt von Achen agrees having someone with a fresh perspective can add to the panel.

"Ken, I think, is going to be a fine addition to the planning commission," von Achen said. "I think he'll be an active participant, which is what we need."

A rural resident, Adkinson acts as a representative on the commission for citizens living within a three-mile radius of the city limits. He said one challenge will be to keep informed of issues effecting those residents. Another will be to learn the basic inner workings of the commission, from monthly meeting procedures to researching issues that come before the commission, which effect all residents.

"Our duties and responsibilities are going to be a pretty good challenge," Adkinson said.

Aside from learning duties, Adkinson is concerned with developmental issues concerning Eudora. One issue he hopes the commission will keep track of is the paving of Winchester Road and how it would effect the surrounding communities.

"I think it's a dividing line between the county and the city at this point," Adkin said.

Development along K-10 highway is another issue he feels strongly about. Especially concerning the possible development of the Oz theme park, DeSoto, and how it would effect Eudora.

"The corridor's been growing between leaps and bounds but this Oz thing's going to push things up for new development," Adkinson said. "We definitely want to be on top of new development."

With new development, Adkinson believes there will also be a need for more businesses.

"I would like to see all of these offices out here stay full," said Adkinson of future business development along K-10 highway. "I would hate to see the strip mall development fail."

Adkinson's first relationship with Eudora came in 1977, when he started Mid-States Ag Chem Inc., a distributor of agricultural chemicals located one mile north of Intech Business Park. Commuting from Olathe, his family moved east of town in 1985 when he sold the business, now known as United Suppliers. He remains a salesman for the company.

Ken has two daughters, Kenna Stout and Wendy Harless with his wife, Marsha.

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