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City needs to do homeowners right in sewage mishap


June 22, 2000

Every homeowner's worst nightmare is a disaster, which you couldn't prevent, destroying your home, after which you find out the insurance won't cover the damages.

Extreme circumstances, some would say, but that's exactly what happened to the Fry family a couple weeks ago. A Eudora sewer backed up three blocks from its home, only to deposit a pile of sewage in the Frys' basement.

The thought of sewer water and sludge in your home is enough to make you gag.

Last week, the Frys spoke to the city council, asking that the damages be paid for and some, not all, of the destroyed family items be replaced.

Unfortunately, some could never be replaced: baby pictures aren't available at Arrowhead Hardware. What this family has been through was more than enough trouble.

The city needs to do right by the Frys and pay for the repairs to the home, replace the damaged or destroyed items and take care of any costs incurred by the family in the cleanup of the home.

Sure, the city needs to investigate the matter and find out exactly why this happened. There was some discussion at the council meeting whether the city's insurance covered situations like the Frys.

But whether the city insurance covers homeowner loss, if the family did nothing wrong to make this happen, the city should make amends and do the right thing.

As Dorothy Fry said at the council meeting, "I just want my home back." The right thing for the city to do is give it to them and don't skimp in making it right.

The city should make it priority No. 1 to help the Fry family clean up the number two they've had to deal with.

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