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Band, fireworks to ignite holiday

June 29, 2000

The clatter of fireworks will not be the only sounds filling the air at this year's fireworks display.

Eudora's annual Fourth of July fireworks show will feature a community band made up of Eudora High School band students and interested citizens.

"It's basically anyone that can play a musical instrument and has taken interest," Don Grosdidier, recreation commission president, said.

The display will also feature $5,000 in fireworks, which were purchased by the city of Eudora. Grosdidier said fireworks would be shot at dusk on the north side of Eudora High.

People will be allowed to sit in the school's parking lot and can arrive at the school by 7 p.m., Grosdidier said. Personal fireworks will not be permitted this year.

"We have the police and fire department there but people still need to stay back," Grosdidier said. "There are no personal fireworks allowed. That's probably the biggest safety precaution."

Jimmy Hoover, a former Eudora resident, will be shooting off the fireworks.

This is the third year Hoover has operated Eudora's display.

"It gets the community out and together," he said. "Usually the whole parking lot is pretty packed. It's probably safer for people to watch."

Personal fireworks are legal in Douglas County, but police chief Bill Long said a city ordinance limits individual use in Eudora to July 2, 3 and 4. The sale of fireworks is illegal within the city limits, he said.

"If they're caught shooting they will be cited," Long said.

Hoover, who has been shooting fireworks for about 7 years, said people that choose to use personal fireworks should wear earplugs, eye protection and that they should keep spectators at least 1,000 feet from the display.

"They're explosives," he said. "No matter what size you're dealing with, you always deal with them blowing off in your face."

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