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Kudos to the caring folks at our Eudora Post Office

June 29, 2000

To the Editor:

Recently, we mailed a package at our Eudora Post Office late one afternoon. It was a gift to a special person and we were anxious that it get there for a special occasion.

Our friend at the post office assured us it would get there in good time. Less than four days later, our friend in Vordingborg, Denmark called to say she had received our package.

Vordingborg, Denmark is a beautiful little fishing village about 60 miles south of Copenhagen. It's the town where my father was born and reared. We've been there and know what a remote little village it is on the open sea.

In this day and age, when technology is quickly taking the place of personal service, it's good to know personal service is not completely a thing of the past. We can put mail in our mailbox here in the country in the morning and have it delivered the next day. It saves us a trip to town and means a lot to us.

As the landscape surrounding our "sleepy little town" quickly changes around us, we still have the option to be a caring, serving community. It's really up to us.

(We hope we remember this the next time our postage rates go up.)

Joy and Clint Clouse, Eudora

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