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City recognizes workers for dedicated service

November 2, 2000

The Eudora City Council has recognized three dedicated servants of the city with the presentation of service awards.

Marge Gronniger, Carl Tuttle and Pat Dardis were presented with certificates for their service to Eudora. The ceremony was held at the council`s meeting on Monday.

Gronniger held the longest record of the three with 25 years of service. She works part-time as city treasurer, which requires a hand-written ledger to keep the computer in check monthly. She also works as secretary to the planning and zoning commission and board of appeals.

Gronniger said she and her late husband, John L., bought a house in Eudora and she took the job to help pay for the house.

"It is a very pleasant office to work in," Gronniger said. "It doesn`t seem like 25 years."

Gronniger also takes extra time to attend many city meetings besides her required duties. She said this is to keep her informed and busy.

"If I don`t, I miss out on what`s going on," Gronniger said. "I`m happy to be here and I love the job. It gets me out of the house and I get to see people."

Co-worker and city clerk Donna Oleson sang high praise for Gronniger`s dedication and work.

"Marge has been with the city for 25 years and we couldn`t ask for a better employee," Oleson said.

Water distribution and sewer collection worker Carl Tuttle was also honored. Tuttle has worked for Eudora 10 years. He said his entry to service the city was simple.

"The job opportunity opened and I took it," Tuttle said.

Working for the water and sewer departments does have its share of duties. But, Tuttle said he`s become multi-faceted through working for the city.

"I`ve done a little bit of everything," he said.

Also honored for his service was Dardis, whose 10-year anniversary was in 1999 but was mistakenly overlooked. Dardis has served three terms on the council, is the council representative to the recreation and parks commission and served as council president from 1997-98.

In the previous decade, Dardis has also served with the Douglas County Emergency Preparedness Board, which managed preparedness for disasters. He also helped develop enhanced 911 services for Douglas County while working on the board.

Dardis said recognizing city servants from all areas in the city`s structure is important.

"It`s a nice recognition," Dardis said. "I think it`s significant that an elected official is able to serve that period of time."

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