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Eudoran Dan Gregg ready for election

November 2, 2000

One of Eudora`s own will face the battle of his short political life in Tuesday`s general election.

Democrat Dan Gregg will battle Republican Bob Johnson for the second district Douglas County Commissioner seat. Aside from the August primary, this is the first time either candidate has competed for the seat.

If elected, Gregg said, he would focus his attention toward resolving the issue of septic waste disposal across the county. Gregg said he is for the banning of land application, which currently allows septic waste to be dumped above ground. Though he doesn`t agree with increasing the price of septic hauling for rural residents, he does agree something must be done. In October, the commission decided to hold off on a decision and let the new commissioners resolve the issue.

Gregg said he supports the idea of building a septic plant in Eudora, which would hold the waste and then be injected into the ground at scheduled dates throughout the year.

Gregg said he also supports upgrading US Highway 59. He said the poor quality of the road as it now stands is unacceptable and must be addressed.

"If we don`t bring it up to standards and get the road repaired and if the county takes over that road, we`re still going to have accidents on that road," Gregg said.

Gregg said evidence of his successes could be found in his work on the Eudora City Council. He cites the reorganization of the Eudora Fire Department during his year and a half on the council as a positive.Gregg is a volunteer firefighter for Eudora.

He also cites citywide cleanup as another checkmark in his book of accomplishments while on the council.

"We`ve got a lot of yards cleaned up," Gregg said. "We`ve gotten rid of a lot of trash in town. That`s been a major issue for me is getting the yards cleaned up."

Though Gregg has only served one-quarter of his term on the city council, Gregg said, he believes now was the best time to run for the county commission seat.

"I feel that this is the best place for me," Gregg said. "It says to (voters) they`ve elected a good man and he wants to move up and service at the county level."

However, he will have to face a contender for the position.

Johnson said though he has been campaigning heavily over the past few weeks, he is winding down his campaign. "I`m ready for the campaign to end and the next phase to begin hopefully," Johnson said. "I don`t really seeing myself as running a campaign against Gregg. I see myself running for a seat for county commission."

Gregg said one of his main differences of opinion with Johnson is with Horizon 20/20, a document which outlines growth procedures in the county over the next 20 years. Gregg said he believes Horizon 20/20 should be followed to a "T," but Johnson disagrees.

"I see Horizon 20/20 as a guide book, not a rule book," Johnson said. "I think the process is you elect officials to review documents in the timeframe in which you`re serving."

Both candidates feel they can serve Douglas County well and feel they can be a voice for communities such as Eudora.

"I`ve talked with a lot of people in and around Eudora and I feel that I can reflect the interest of the community," Johnson said.

Gregg said he would be the perfect representative for Eudora because of his working class background.

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