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Finding a release in wood carving

November 22, 2000

Eudora senior citizens are once again getting the chance to carve their niche with a woodcarving class presented by a local expert.

Pete Lawson is teaching a woodcarving class for the third year at Pinecrest. Offered to area residents over 55, he teaches the class to novices and experienced carvers alike.

Lawson has worked with many of the participants since the class first began and said they're quick learners.

"These people here, they're just up on it," Lawson said. "They can do just about anything."

Beginners start out on practice boards, then move on to more intricate carvings. Participants purchase their own tools and learn at their own pace under Lawson's guidance. Lawson teaches the class from October to May, or "whenever he starts his garden."

Juanita Lennon, 77, began carving in March. She said learning the skill is entertaining and keeps her active.

"It's not easy to do but it gives you something to do and keeps you busy," Lennon said. "It teaches you patience."

Mardella Dearing, rural Eudora, said she started woodcarving in 1995. She said the learning process is very fulfilling, especially when she learns how to improve her skill.

"When I cut myself one time I learned after that to get my hands out of the way," laughed the 67-year-old.

Participants learn to carve plaques, ornaments and statuettes. Lawson said he has students come from as far away as Leavenworth, where he is currently working on the restoration of a wooden carousel.

Bertie Morriss, 78, said she finds the class useful to older residents because it helps teach a new skill at any age.

"You're never too old to learn," Morriss said.

Fellow Pinecrest resident Ralph Sader, 88, agreed.

"I was 82 when I started," he said.

Anyone wanting more information on the woodcarving class at Pinecrest may call 542-1020.

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