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Habitat funds low, planners seek und-raising help

November 22, 2000

Habitat for Humanity has officially begun the process of construction planning for a home in Eudora. Though many have offered to donate time toward the building's construction, there is still much money to be raised.

Coordinator for the Eudora Habitat house Marilyn Laws Porter said fund-raising efforts are currently underway. Of the $33,000 needed to build the house, only $650 has been raised so far. To help raise money, a chili soup supper is slated for Jan. 26 and a dance and silent auction for Feb. 3.

"I've spent the last (four days) working on this fund-raising," Laws Porter said. "My concern is we need some large grants. We need somebody to step up in this community and say 'I'll give $5,000' or 'I'll give $10,000.'"

Laws Porter said though she is unsure whether this would put a delay to begin building the home in spring, she isn't concerned with the amount of help available. Twenty-five community members have volunteered to help build the home.

"Once we have the money and get that done, for me I think the hard work is over," Laws Porter said. "I think there's only one person I asked to help (build) say no. I think that says a lot for the community."

Habitat helps qualifying persons by finding land, building homes and selling them at cost. Eudora resident Karen Williams was awarded a Habitat home in August. Williams will work on other Habitat homes, gaining 165 hours of "sweat equity" toward her home's completion. Working on homes in Lawrence, Williams has gained 60 1/2 hours doing various tasks. She has interior walls, painted, scraped floors helped hang sheet rock, siding and insulation.

"It's hard work, it really is," Williams said. "By the time I come home I'm really tired. But, it's fun. I want to continue once my house is built just because it's such a blessing."

Laws Porter said she is impressed with the work that Williams has done so far and is confident she will be a good homeowner.

"She's fabulous. She's going to be a model homeowner."

Williams said she is looking forward to raising her three grandchildren in her new home. Though the building's funds are low right now, she isn't worried. In fact, her family is already preparing to move in to their new home at 625 Locust.

"We go up to the lot almost every day," Williams said. "They're got it staked off where it's going to be. We drive in to the garage and dream about what it's going to be like."

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