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It’s time to bring the community in


November 22, 2000

The Eudora Board of Education last week voted to hire a construction manager to head the building of a new high school campus.

While we appreciate the school board taking a proactive approach to acquiring a new school, we urge it not to put the cart before the horse.

The most important job right now with regard to upgrading facilities is making sure the community is on board. Involving the community in any discussion regarding a new school and the bond issue that will be necessary to fund it is a good idea.

Keep in mind of the not-so-distant past, when the passing the school bond issue didn't come without its share of heartache, hurt feelings and bitter resentment.

Keep in mind that no matter how necessary a new school is, there are going to be those who staunchly oppose it. It would be foolish to believe that there will be no opposition to the next bond issue.

Bringing those opponents into the fold would be a wise move at this juncture.

Making them aware of the problems within the existing schools would make sense. Illustrate a high school that will soon outgrow its usefulness, a middle school that cannot withstand Mother's Nature's most severe seasons and a city that is in dire need of a community center for its youth.

We believe a new high school building is necessary for Eudora's growth. However, it's not enough that we buy into it. Getting the community support will ultimately decide whether Eudora prepares itself for the future or continues on this path of uncertainty.

We have elected the school board members to represent our views and opinions and make the decisions that will shape our educational system. But some issues involve an entire community's input.

This is one of them.

Very soon, it's our hope the community is brought in on this decision.

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