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Mastering their crafts

November 22, 2000

Leona Haney has been working with crafts for nearly 60 years. The Eudora resident works year-round, using molds to shape figurines and other items, finishing them with a shiny glaze. But when she's done, she likes to have a place to display her work and sell it as well. This month, Haney got the chance to display and sell her crafts at Eudora Nursing Center's food and crafts show.

Haney said she got involved in ceramics after her husband and daughter purchased a used kiln. After it sat without being used, Haney learned the art and later decided to teach others.

"I have known a lot of people who have lived in a nursing home and two of the people that work here have kids that are my students," Haney said.

With the ENC show, local crafters and bakers show off their work while providing an opportunity to sell it as well. However, ENC and its residents also benefit.

ENC director of community life Mary Coppedge said crafters often donate items for a silent auction, with proceeds used to purchase items for ENC. The silent auction began last Friday and will end at ENC's family Christmas party in December.

"We have over time with our crafts sales gotten the bird aviary, birdbaths, television and fishpond outside," Coppedge said. "I think our next goal is an enclosed patio."

In addition to providing funds for items ENC residents can benefit from, the sale also gives them a chance to "window shop" from inside the walls of the center.

One such example is Lucille Warmker. As she walked among the tables set up in ENC, Warmker looked at pillows, beadwork and other crafts to her liking. A life-long Eudora resident who now lives at ENC, Warmker said she believes it's important Eudora has events such as this to give crafters an opportunity to show and sell their work.

"I think they're really nice because lots of times people want to have (events) like this but they just don't have them," Warmker said.

Not only does the event mean something to ENC residents, some participants find satisfaction in being able to visit with those who check out their items. Betty Mason said she enjoys the more interpersonal aspect of peddling her crafts.

"I really don't enjoy the selling, I enjoy chatting with the people," Mason said. "We have a lot who just come by and look. They really enjoy looking."

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