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Turnout good from local registered voters

November 22, 2000

Many of Eudora's active registered voters went to the polls for this year's general election, according to final tallies.

Douglas County Clerk Patti James said Eudora has 3,754 registered voters and the Eudora Township has 1,163. Of the 4,917 registered voters, 3,036, or 61 percent, showed up at the polls Nov. 7.

James said county-wide overall voter turnout was 67 percent.

Though no serious problems with counting ballots occurred, James said one problem did occur with counting absentee ballots. When the ballots were announced to the public, the absentee ballots were accidentally counted twice.

""When we ran the advanced ballots though the machine, we inserted the disk to say advanced information by itself and later included it with the final election totals so everyone could see it," James said. "It didn't change any outcomes of the races, it did change the totals."

Despite having homefield advantage for the general election earlier this month, Dan Gregg failed to win a majority of votes in Eudora's three precincts.

The race for 2nd District County Commissioner was close in Eudora, with Democrat Gregg pulling in 977 votes, next to Republican Bob Johnson's 1,192 votes.

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