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Nottingham closes doors for repairs

November 30, 2000

Students and employees at Nottingham Elementary got an extended Thanksgiving break this week due to broken sewer main.

Eudora school superintendent Dave Winans said two four-inch sewage pipes broke and dislodged from their connections. Winans said though the pipes were working, the damage was enough to shut down school so repairs could be done.

"It`s that deep of a problem unfortunately," Winans said.

Winans said the days missed will have to be made up, although the amount is yet to be determined. Kansas mandates 1,116 hours of instruction per year. Though Eudora planned 27 hours above standard, the make up days won`t be determined until later in the school year.

"We`re going to make a decision about when we`re going to be making it up, but the final decision on when we`ll be making it up will depend on the snow days we have," Winans said. "We`re also concerned about the amount of instruction that Eudora felt was important to have in the first place."

Nottingham principal Tom Jerome said the problems began with a drain back-up in September, which closed school for one day. Three weeks ago, another back-up required city workers to clean the drainage pipes. A final back-up one week ago prompted immediate action to be taken, Jerome said.

Steele Construction, DeSoto, has been working this week repairing the pipes. Lawrence Steele, contractor, said he was contacted by the school district three weeks ago. At first, it was thought the repairs could be put off until a more feasible time when the students were on break. After further examination, Steele got the green light to proceed.

"We weren`t planning on doing it this early but it`s so messed up we had to," Steele said. "You can`t use the school the way it is. We were going to do a temporary (fix) on it but the line was filled with sand."

To correct the sewer problem, Steele Construction will install a manhole connection designed for sewers. After the lines are connected, classes will resume.

"The cooperation between the school district and the city of Eudora has added greatly to the job and everything is very well appreciated," Steele said.

Classes were dismissed Nov. 22 before Thanksgiving break and continued through Nov. 24. School is expected to resume Monday, Nov. 27.

Jerome said parents should remain informed in case there are additional changes by checking an automated message on the school`s answering machine.

"We ought to know by Saturday whether or not they`ve got it connected and we can get back to school," Jerome said.

Nottingham`s number is 542-4920.

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