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Beating the heat, doing it safely


September 7, 2000

Thankfully, temperatures have cooled down this week. The National Weather Service had been making a habit of issuing heat advisories for most of the last two weeks.

Officials recommended people stay indoors whenever possible, but what about the postal carriers, construction workers and roofers who make their living by being outside in the heat?

Wee glad to see the school district used the same kind of judgment with regard to the heat-related safety to staff and students.

Wee glad to see the school district was been proactive in dealing with the heat at Eudora Middle School. First, the decision was made to bus students to the high school each afternoon, where they could continue their studies in the air-conditioned commons area.

When temperatures remained in triple digits for the remainder of the week, school at the middle school was cancelled the final two days of last week.

It was the right move.

The school district has an obligation to its patrons to make certain safety is a priority. In the past, not much attention was paid to issues like heat, but the mishaps of recent years forces us all to take a closer, more cautious look at student safety.

It good to see precautions are also being taken on the athletic fields.

Each year, football practice begins in mid-August, traditionally the hottest time of the year in Kansas. Last year, the dangers of such heat when combined with the exertion of football became all too real when a high school football player in Wichita collapsed and died on the field.

Since then, school districts take the cautious approach. Eudora season-opening cross country meet was rescheduled for later this month. Granted, no one ever seriously considered football not being played last week, but medical personnel was on hand and water and other fluids were required.

Every precaution was taken to beat the heat safely.

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