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Thank you, Bill Harlow

Letter to the Editor:

September 7, 2000

Our street was chipped and sealed on Wednesday, Aug. 23. The city crew did a good job; however, the gravel did not cover the edge of the street. Tar was bleeding through, and we couldn use our driveway for fear of getting tar on our newly replaced driveway.

I called city hall on Thursday and spoke to Arlene (Smith) who promised me she would get in touch with Bill Harlow to have the crew spread more gravel along the edge of the street. Since we had a houseful of company coming for dinner that evening, we were certain they wouldn want tar on their cars, and of course, we didn want it on our carpet from their shoes.

Within 30 minutes, Bill Harlow and another city employee were at our home. Not only did Bill Harlow see that the job was done, he assisted the other employee in doing the work! You don normally see a ossdoing the work he usually delegates the job to others.

Leo and Emily Dahlem, Eudora

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