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Eudora shouldn’t be the county seat


September 14, 2000

Images of that trash barge sitting off the coast of New Jersey immediately come to mind when we think of Eudora becoming the county's place to store septic tank waste.

Perhaps this image features an 18-wheeler on K-10, just waiting for some directions to a spot where it can drop its load.

One suggestion to Eudora officials: Don't let him dump it.

Reputations are a nasty thing to shake especially for up-and-coming towns trying to attract first-time homebuyers.

It's doubtful many people will think twice about living in Eudora once they hear its most recent economic impact came from a new septic storage tank.

Douglas County's Cesspool.

The name "County Seat" takes on an entirely new meaning.

City Engineer Matt Taylor is quick to say this is not a moneymaking venture for the city of Eudora as much as it is a way of helping to solve a storage problem.

As noble as it is that Eudora wants to help, we disagree with the city's decision. In solving a county problem, it creates another this one a quality-of-life dilemma for those within the city limits.

The 150,000-gallon storage tank would be built adjacent to the city's wastewater treatment plant at a cost of approximately $575,000, which the county would pay for. But what happens when our plant's capacities are maxed out? Who pays for the addition then?

In five or 10 years, do we want to have to have to add another septic waste tank? Let's turn this into a reinvestment in downtown by making some money and using it for the beautification or small business loans.

Recently, problems have arisen when rates in Lawrence increased, causing septic haulers to begin dumping waste on land in rural areas.

The dumping is legal, but it's still something we don't want. However, since Eudora has agreed to help the county, it should receive some substantial compensation for the service money that can truly help Eudora.

Turning Eudora into Douglas County's toilet shouldn't come cheaply.

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