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Enrollment projection off the mark

School district faces $220,000 budget shortage for new year

September 21, 2000

Surprising members of Eudora school board, enrollment for this year did not hit the projected 3-percent growth.

On Wednesday, final figures for the district were in for Eudora schools. This year full-time equivalency (FTE) enrollment was 1,133.7 and was expected to grow to 1,165. Last year the district had a FTE of 1130.4. At last week board meeting, it examined preliminary figures, citing the Communicolor shutdown and home schooling as possible reasons for the shortcoming.

hen I look back at the trend, boy, we should have had 33 more kids,said superintendent Dave Winans.

Kansas uses full-time equivalency enrollment to give per-pupil funds to school districts. It gives half an FTE credit for students with special needs and in kindergarten and one-tenth credit for part-time high school students. With 33 fewer students than expected, Eudora school district will lose $220,000 from this year budget.

nother way of looking at this is a 3-percent shortfall,Winans said.

With the shortfall, Winans said, the district will have to examine which areas will suffer from the loss of funds. One option is to take an across-the-board cut.

ee going to have to not spend money that we anticipated we would,he said. he specific expenditures that we will not make is yet to be determined.
The unattained growth may prove good for Eudora educational facilities.

Eudora West Elementary principal Rod Moyer said West enrollment is up nearly five percent, averaging 20 to 22 students per class. Though the school has more room for students if needed, the amount of classroom space has peaked.

ee got all the classes we can have,Moyer said.

Projected enrollment for Eudora Middle School is as expected said principal Dale Sample. With a maximum student capacity of 200, EMS is below with an enrollment this fall of 171. Sample said a study has been done to determine when EMS would reach its full capacity. He said the study predicted the number of students would exceed 200 in 2002.

ee in pretty good shape right now,Sample said. do think this will be the smallest class from here on.
Nottingham Elementary saw increased enrollment, but not enough to danger existing classes from being too full. Tom Jerome, principal, said kindergarten and second grades at NES had room for more students and additional classrooms. If more students would have been added to third grade classrooms this year, it may have been a problem.

t least we didn gain as many as we thought we would,Jerome said. f it would have been third graders, we would have had to do something and I don know what.
Jerome said he was amazed this year enrollment wasn more than the XXX it turned out to be.

ith all the building that going on around here, I just expected more kids to be enrolled this fall,he said.

Eudora High principal Marty Kobza could not be reached to comment for this report.

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