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A tip of the hat

To the editor:

September 28, 2000

I want to express my thoughts on the recent article in The Eudora News regarding the Eudora Jaycees.

It was really nice to see that we are recognized. However there is one thing that I must point out. I could not have received any awards as president of the month, or any other award given, if it were not for the entire Eudora Jaycee chapter behind me.

They are the ones who back me, and give the extra support I need at any given time. In my eyes, every one of them work just as hard if not harder than I do. I can not accomplish anything, if it were not for the hard work of everyone.

I am proud to be the leader of the Eudora Jaycees, being a leader is a lot of work I admit, but these are people I can call my true friends, and people who are truly dedicated in making a better tomorrow for their community. These are people who deserve the pat on the back as well.

Pamela Bass, Eudora

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