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City seeks recreation commissioner

September 28, 2000

The Eudora Parks and Recreation Commission will be searching for a full-time director, thanks to action taken by the Eudora City Council.

Last Monday, the council approved the job description and hiring of a full-time director for the commission. Don Grosdidier, commission president, said a full-time director in Eudora would help with better planning of events.

"We've tried to hire someone part-time for the parks but it just can't be done," Grosdidier said. "A lot of the areas that we deal with, certainly the services to Eudora, can benefit from a full-time person."

Grosdidier said when the commission searched for a replacement after its part-time director resigned in May, many high-quality candidates applied for the position. He said the part-time availability might have scared off potentially good candidates. He believes the commission will have success in finding a new director and hopes to have the position filled by Jan. 1, 2001.

"I think we'll get a good pool of quality candidates," Grosdidier said. "The last time we went to hire a director there was a mistake where many thought it was a full-time position."

The commission is responsible for the organization and maintenance of activities offered in Eudora, mainly during summer. Cara Kimberlin, Eudora High athletics teacher, was named interim director until resigning in August to continue teaching.

With additional duties of Eudora's parks the new director will oversee their development and maintenance as well. The new duties will help the city superintendent focus on Eudora's infrastructure such as streets, Grosdidier said.

Before the vote, council member Tom Pyle asked city superintendent Bill Harlow if the position would help him with infrastructure work as Grosdidier stated.

"I believe it would," Harlow said. "We'll still be helping out, but as far as keeping an eye on kids, we can go on with our work."

The director will work with the city superintendent during the summer for hiring of part-time employees. The recruitment, training and supervision of city pool employees will also be included.

In the past, the part-time director would report to the commission, but a full-time director will bring more supervision, said council member Pat Dardis.

"This gives full-time presence and oversight to the pool," Dardis said.

Grosdidier asked the council for guidance regarding the future of the city pool, be it repairs or a study for construction of a new pool.

"As a recreation commission, we were not sure what the council wanted as far as the pool and input," he said.

Council member Willene Blackburn suggested a study session of the pool in the future, utilizing input from the pool manager and other workers from the summer. She suggested examining daily attendance records and concession figures, as well as feedback on working conditions.

Grosdidier said the commission would be willing to participate and would look into a future date for the study session with the council.

"We felt like we had a good season with the pool this year," Grosdidier added.

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