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Don’t dump it here

To the editor:

September 28, 2000

Being a "newcomer" to Eudora (as of November 1998), I hesitate to even make a suggestion about your editorial featured in The Eudora News forum on Sept. 14, 2000, Page 4A, regarding a sewage dump.

We moved here because it seemed to be a nice and clean little town with friendly people.

Maybe our past experience in Brighton, Colo., of helping to stop a huge sewage dump on the local farmers' land just might come in handy in this instance.

A thorough study of the soil content in this area was done to see if the soil could even withstand the changes in chemical balance that this dumping would necessarily produce. It couldn't.

The local newspaper informed the public of the findings and an open town meeting was arranged. Petitions were published in the newspaper and posted in local businesses. Petitions were also passed out by hand. Other nearby communities were notified and they did pretty much the same thing.

One of the questions asked was "How will this procedure help, or hinder, local water supplies, growth of the community, and existing businesses (in the immediate area and nearby communities)?"

Will we be able to keep our community attractive to the growth that will certainly be generated by the new theme park? And how will the theme park feel about this? Would they be able, or willing, to help with this study? Or, could local open meetings decide how to proceed?

After all of this study material is gathered, would the local television be willing to air the findings?

Do we really want to become a slum area, or do we want to continue to grow as a nice community to move into? The answer lies with how we handle this.

In Brighton, Colo., a small farming community was able to stop a large (Denver and suburbs) sewage plant from establishing themselves in their area in just this way.

This is just my opinion.

Pat Masden, Eudora

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