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Christmas Tree Fund reaches high amount

April 5, 2001

Though Mayor Fred Stewart may have lost his battle for re-election at the polls, he continues to raise money for a special fund that helps needy families at Christmas.

According to the Eudora City Clerk's office, the Mayor's Christmas Tree fund now has $11,316.09 in the account. Stewart said this is the highest amount the fund has earned in his four years of office.

"We've got that much money in the bank for next year," he said.

The fund is established to receive donations year-round. Stewart has sold fireworks in July and December, with all proceeds going toward the fund. Another fund-raiser included the distribution of donation canisters at businesses throughout the city. Donations from private citizens also played an important part, Stewart said.

"We just took it all as we got donations," Stewart said. "One Shriner (from Topeka) came by and gave me $1,200, so that helped. I received some $100 checks and many people in Eudora donated money to the cans."

In December 2000, $5,489 was distributed to needy families through vouchers for food at C&S Market and for toys at Arrowhead Hardware. The fund also went toward the purchase of bags of candy and fruit for all of Eudora's students, grades kindergarten through six.

Though he won't be in office to see the funds distributed to the needy, Stewart said he hoped the increased fund would provide more opportunities.

"Instead of giving groceries, we'd give them grocery vouchers and they could go purchase a cured ham or something," he said.

Though his time as Mayor is coming to an end, Stewart said he plans to continue volunteering in Eudora. He said he was glad to be able to donate his time to help others with the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund.

"I have worked hard for that Christmas Tree Fund," he said.

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