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Eudora should pave the way with beer, alcohol sales


April 19, 2001

Continued development brings demands on our infrastructure. Roads, sewers and yes, new schools, must be paid for.

Business development would help. Imagine how much sales tax leaves the city from folks looking to enjoy a cold beer at home.

Years ago, when the state decided to allow local communities to determine whether they'd be "dry" or "wet" Eudorans just said no. In the their wisdom, Lawrence and De Soto said yes and now you drive your tax dollars directly out of this community.

The procedure for getting this outdated, Footloosesque legislation repealed is complicated. But it's worth the effort. And, we're confident there's a long list of folks who would willingly sign a petition to quench our collective thirsts.

Maybe then we'd have the money to build sidewalks on the west side of town for your children and grandchildren to walk to school.

To think people aren't drinking because they can't buy liquor here is as absurd as to think people aren't walking because there's no shoe store.

The conservative population of Eudora may say a liquor store here would lead to crime, violence and decay. Have you seen the News lately? We've already got all three.

Plus, the money from increased sales tax collections would certainly pay for an addition to Bill Long's fine police force.

It's time we pulled our heads out of the sand and started benefiting from those looking to put their heads in the clouds.

Beer it's good for Eudora.

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