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Another school year almost gone

April 26, 2001

Just in case you haven't noticed, the sun is shining, the temperatures are warming, tolerance levels may be diminishing. With that being said, it is time once again for the spring pep talk as we near the end of school. Included in this article will be my usual thanks to the supportive parents and perhaps a snide remark to those parents who don't support our efforts.

With less than five weeks of school, there is so much going on that like you (parents), educators are scrambling to get everything accomplished. Many parents will be receiving information regarding EWE students going to Worlds of Fun.This is the small reward that we provide to students who have worked hard on their behavior. To the parents of the students who qualified, congratulations, your efforts are paying off, keep working. For those parents whose child did not qualify, don't give up hope and for heaven's sake, send your child to school that day because if you don't, you are sending the wrong message. Please don't call me at the school and accuse me of punishing your child twice because that is not true. Instead of finding fault, work with us to enhance your child's learning.

We received our spring pictures last week in case you haven't seen them. Most of you know that we have class pictures taken and individual pictures taken. We send them home for you to look at and you can then decide if you want them or not. For your information, we give each child a free class picture and are able to do this by selling individual pictures. I want to again thank the parents who willingly support this venture, and truly want to thank the parents who hate this idea but didn't call or write a nasty note. For those of you who took time out of your very busy schedule to chastise the school over this, I am truly sorry that you feel that way, but we are able to provide an additional perk to our children.

We are also nearing the time for our sixth graders to leave the nest. This week, we are taking our sixth graders to the middle school for a tour and discussion regarding their schedule next year. This is an exciting time for your child and it is also a time of uncertainty. If we have done our job here, be assured that your child will be fine, academically. If only they could just learn to open that darn padlock without problems. Just a word to the many parents who will be experiencing children in the middle school for the first time: "Good Luck." Keep an open mind because your child is going through many changes.

Fourth graders will be coming to visit EWE in a few weeks, and like our sixth graders leaving, they will experience a little apprehension. One thing that we as adults don't quite understand as well as we should is how change affects children.

Many of the third graders have been in NES all four years of school and now they are entering an unknown. Rest assured that they too will do quite well. We will give them a quick tour of the school, introduce them to the teachers, and have fourth grade students answer the many questions they will have.

Maybe it is something about getting older but I cannot remember a year that has gone by as fast as this one. In fact, it seems just like yesterday we were beginning school and the temperature was in the 100s.

With that being said, I want to thank many of you for your support as we continue to provide a quality education. I personally feel that we made gains this year in some areas and slipped in others. There were times we were able to do good things and yes, we may have made some mistakes. Overall, however, I have a great feeling about this year. I look forward to the challenges of the last month of school.

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