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Letters to the editor

August 9, 2001

To the editor,

Sunday, Aug. 5. Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. In fact, it put me over the edge. I go out and walk the track at Laws Field nearly every morning sometime around 7 a.m. Nearly every morning a man drives up in a white pickup, opens the door and lets his dog out for a morning romp. The dog is let out in the grass on the south side of Nottingham school between the school and the fence around the track at Laws Field. It makes me so darned disgusted to see that dog get out and run around in the grass, stop and poop (there's no nice word for it), run around another minute or two then hop back in the pickup. When the person drives off, I just want to scream at him "Use your own yard for a pooping ground."

I resent this very much. And I'm not the only one. This morning there was another gal walking close to me and she feels the same way. I think it is rude and very disrespectful. Why doesn't the dog use his owner's yard? Oh, excuse me, I guess that would mean it had to be cleaned up. There are children and adults who walk through the grass south of Nottingham coming to the track to walk. School is only a couple of weeks away, and I see the kids playing football out in the grass while they are waiting for the bus. What a nice smell to greet the bus with, let alone the classroom.

We have a great sports facility, beautiful schools and grounds thanks to dedicated maintenance people. With the new roof and paint job, they look great! I would hope that as responsible citizens of Eudora we would try to do our part to keep them that way. I enjoy walking the track as do a lot of other people and sometimes we just need to stop and count our blessings. As Dr. Phil from the Oprah show would say, "You either get it or you don't," and this guy doesn't get it!

I don't mean to single anyone out. It just happens this is the one I see. If there are other owners doing this with their dogs in other parts of the city then STOP! If you're going to keep dogs/animals in town, then you need to be responsible for them. Don't keep them at the expense of your neighbors.

Nell Trefz,


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