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Singer, songwriter returns to Eudora for sound performance

August 9, 2001

Most national music acts coming to northeast Kansas stop by Bonner Springs. But that wasn't true Aug. 5.

Nashville recording artists and songwriter Lee Domann performed at Eudora United Methodist Church and at St. Paul United Church of Christ.

Looking at his touring schedule that may not be too surprising: Jackson, Tenn., and Glen Carbon, Ill., aren't the usual suspects for an artist whose songs have made the Billboard charts and can count Kathy Mattea and Riders in the Sky as recording artists who've recorded his songs.

Yet Domann has roots in Kansas and a history with the Rev. Jeff Shepardson of the Methodist church. In a couple of other congregations, Shepardson worked with Domann on fund-raising projects.

"He's a really friendly guy," Shepardson said. "He's available to a lot of different settings."

Moreover, Domann is a member of the clergy in the Kansas East Conference of the United Methodist Church.

"He kind of started out here and ended up in Nashville," Shepardson said.

Domann intersperses storytelling with his music that reflects his history in Kansas as well as his new identity as a southerner.

St. Paul integrated his music into its regular service, making it more musical, the Rev. Jane Ireland said. Ireland found out about Domann at a conference where they viewed a video about school bullying that included Domann. One of Domann's childhood classmates who was routinely picked on by his peers, at times including Domann, inspired the song "Howard Gray" for which Domann has become well-known in spiritual music circles.

Domann's stint at the Methodist church played out more like a concert.

"It's kind of a breath of fresh air," Shepardson said several days before the service. "We're looking forward to having a good time and to do a feel-good event."

Both Shepardson and Ireland said they hoped Domann would draw others in the community.

"I'm hoping we'll get some people to come who aren't normally here," Ireland said last week.

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