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City council passes budget barely
Pyle, Woods opposed to full-time fire chief
August 16, 2001
Eudora residents may have not had much to say about the 2002 budget during the Aug. 13 public hearing, but city council members sure did.
Warren walked on to Wildcat fame as tight end
August 16, 2001
Six short years ago, Eudora’s Nick Warren was a junior quarterback for Eudora High School and Marty Kobza began the debut season of a three-season stint as the head football coach at EHS.
St. Mary Bryant’s new home court
Eudora MVP continues play in Leavenworth
August 16, 2001
Former Eudora High School basketball player Jessica Bryant will continue her hoop dreams a few miles north on K-7.
Eudora man wins pickup in radio contest
August 16, 2001
Eudora resident Bob Hopson won a 2001 Chevrolet S-10 and the 9 to 11 a.m. sports talk show on WHB 810 AM has a new name.
Volleyball team strives to build tradition
Stutler wants to play off athletes’ strengths
August 16, 2001
If things go as planned for Eudora High School first year volleyball coach Jill Stutler, the Cardinals will be a 4A version of their 6A neighbors at Lawrence High School.
Be prepared for returning to school
August 16, 2001
With school beginning in less than a week, students have only a few more days to enjoy freedom from homework and early-morning wake-ups. Book bags and lunch boxes will soon replace swimming suits and ball gloves. Here are some dates and other things to know to smooth the transition from summer playmate to pupil.
A crash course in winning
Local teen takes first overall in demolition derby
August 16, 2001
Sitting among the shiny, cared for cars in queue for maintenance at Eudora Auto Tech, it’s not hard to pick out Richard Neis’ car. The compact Chevrolet isn’t much more than a shell of a car, but that’s all a demolition derby driver needs anyway.
New kids on the block: 85 new students at Eudora schools
August 16, 2001
When school commences Aug. 21, the Eudora School District expects seven new teachers and about 85 new students to pour through the doors of its four buildings.
Getting the word out
Citizen committee to hit streets to inform residents of bond issue
August 16, 2001
As the November school bond vote gets closer, a group of Eudorans will be informing voters about the issue.
Days gone by
August 16, 2001
Woven by heart
Basket weaving more than
August 16, 2001
A wide variety of handbaskets overcrowd a part of Robbie Wisdom’s back porch on a hot summer day.
Local doctor finishing rounds in Eudora, heading to Kansas City
August 16, 2001
After four years of caring for Eudorans, from babies to people their great-grandparent’s age, physician Stephen Nolker is checking himself out of Eudora Medical Clinic and in to St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.
Eudora Board of Education approves 2001-2002 budget
August 16, 2001
The Eudora Board of Education passed its 2001-02 school budget without any comment or public response during the budget hearing on Thursday night.
Sample follows middle school kids to EHS
August 16, 2001
For the coming school year, Principal Dale Sample moved his office furniture nearly two miles south, to be exact.
West-side sidewalks delayed to detriment of students’ safety
August 16, 2001
This time of year always makes us pause. Not because of the slower traffic traveling into Lawrence as distraught parents drop their kids off for another semester. And not because the sun blinds drivers coming home from an outing to that shopping district east of our fair city.
Police department still investigating vandalism of Eudora Cemetery
August 16, 2001
Eudora police are still investigating vandalism at the Eudora Cemetery. The cemetery had eight headstones and two road marker posts vandalized between noon Aug. 5 and 8 a.m. Aug. 6, Police Chief Bill Long said.
Jennie F. Wilson
August 16, 2001
Jakob Daniel Orr
August 16, 2001
Vera M. Smith
August 16, 2001
Davy R. Knifong
August 16, 2001
Memorial services for Davy Ray Knifong, 27, Eudora, were Tuesday, Aug. 14, at Eudora Assembly of God Church. Cremation is planned, and his organs will be donated to Kansas University Medical Center.
Local man dies in rural Eudora
Authorities say injuries self-inflicted
August 16, 2001
A Eudora man died Aug. 9 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Officials originally believed Davy R. Knifong, 27, died of injuries incurred Wednesday night when his automobile hit several trees after going off the road near the intersection of East 2000 Road and North 1200 Road near Eudora.
Eudora’s oldest, youngest learn from new principals
Lauer comes from Seneca to Nottingham
August 16, 2001
For the last month, Jim Lauer was like Superman here one minute, gone the next. For seven of nine days, he beat down highways 24 and 75, a drive he found relaxing, to split his time between Eudora and Seneca.
Tax rebate here today, gone today
August 16, 2001
As it happened, I had a ready excuse to squander my rebate. Faithful readers may remember Laura and I moved into a new home two weeks ago. The house is new in the sense that it’s new to us. It has been around for about 100 years and there are a few maintenance issues. Additionally, during the past century, tasteless idiots (meaning their tastes aren’t our tastes) have made some unfortunate decorating choices Laura and I feel compelled to correct.