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Be prepared for returning to school

August 16, 2001

With school beginning in less than a week, students have only a few more days to enjoy freedom from homework and early-morning wake-ups. Book bags and lunch boxes will soon replace swimming suits and ball gloves. Here are some dates and other things to know to smooth the transition from summer playmate to pupil.


Aug. 22 school dismisses at 11:15 a.m.

Aug. 23 first full day of school; lunch program begins

Aug. 24 first day for kindergarten

Aug. 30 breakfast program begins

Class times

Nottingham Elementary School 8:25 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Eudora West Elementary 8:25 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Eudora Middle School 8:25 a.m. to 3:21 p.m.

Eudora High School 8:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.

Food prices

Breakfast preschool through sixth grade 80 cents; adults $1.15; reduced 30 cents

Lunch first through sixth grade $1.60; seventh through twelfth grade $1.75; adults $2.25; reduced 40 cents.



Kindergarten plastic school box, eraser, box of 24 crayons, pair Fiskar scissors, three glue sticks, four #2 pencils, large box facial tissue, backpack, box of eight basic color magic markers, one nutritious snack per month.

First grade box 24 crayons, 10 #2 pencils, three large glue sticks, large bottle glue, large box facial tissue, two large erasers, pointed end Fiskar scissors, six folders with horizontal pockets, watercolor paints, zippered pencil pouch, gym shoes, wide-ruled spiral notebook, box zipper lock backs, two dry erase markers, box water soluble markers, shoebox size clear plastic box with separate lid, two boxes graham crackers.

Second grade box crayons, 10 #2 pencils, two 4 oz. glue bottles, box facial tissue, eraser, Fiskar scissors, Prang or Crayola watercolor paints, small school box, zippered pencil pouch, oil cloth, Big Chief tablet, ruler, water soluble markers, two sticks colored oil-based clay, two file folders with pockets, plastic closeable water bottle, two dry erase markers, box sandwich size freezer zip lock bags, box gallon size freezer zip lock bags, box graham crackers, backpack, gym shoes.

Third grade box crayons, oil cloth, 10 #2 pencils (no Eversharp), scrapbook, Mead composition book, glue (not colored or sticks), ruler, two sticks colored oil-based clay with butter tub, colored pencils, watercolor paints, box facial tissue, pair Fiskar scissors, two wide-ruled spiral notebooks, water soluble markers, school bag, clipboard, plastic squeeze water bottle, small school box, transparent tape, box freezer zip lock bags, two boxes graham crackers, gym shoes.

Fourth grade box crayons, glue (no colored), colored pencils, two red marking ball point pens, pair scissors, spiral notebook, two packages wide-line notebook paper, six #2 lead pencils (no Eversharp), large eraser, ruler, two sets magic markers, Prang water paints with brush, two large boxes facial tissue, two dry erase markers, gym shoes. No Trapper Keepers or three-ring binders.

Fifth grade box 64 crayons, six #2 led pencils, loose-leaf notebook with dividers, two black Flair pens, colored pencils, wide-line notebook paper, five three-holed pocket folders, centimeter and inch rulers, pair adults scissors, eraser, two boxes facial tissue, two boxes large washable markers, three five-section spiral notebooks, two glue sticks, large bottle white glue, two red ball point pens for grading, box dry erase markers and eraser, school box, gym shoes. No Trapper Keepers.

Sixth grade box crayons, box colored pencils, six #2 pencils (no mechanical), wide-line notebook paper, two erasable ballpoint pens, ruler, large white glue-all, pair adult scissors, eraser, two large boxes facial tissue, set magic markers, two red pens, two black Flair pens, two glue sticks, spiral notebook with three sections and pockets, dry erase marker eraser, box of four color dry erase markers, two transparent tape, masking tape, gym shoes. No Trapper Keepers or three-ring binders.

Eudora Middle School Three-ring binder large enough to hold paper as well as a folder for each class, two boxes colored pencils, #2 led pencils, two black ballpoint pens, two glue sticks, ruler, two large boxes facial tissue, two sets magic markers, spiral notebooks, transparent tape, highlighters, dry erase markers, four file folders with pockets, two computer disks, two red ball point pens, scissors, scientific calculator for eighth graders.

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