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DQ serves Baker freshman a cool treat

August 23, 2001

After two years of blending Blizzards and dishing out Dilly Bars, Dairy Queen employee and Eudora High School graduate Carolyn Jones got a special going-away present.

The Baker University freshman was served a scholarship that owner Steve Walter saved for a deserving, college-bound employee.

"The bottom line is that you have to be an employee in good standing at the time you leave for school," Walter said. "I've had other kids that have had scholarship money sitting there that quit during the summer."

This year marks the first year Walter has given a scholarship away.

"I'm the longest-working person, as a high school kid," Jones said.

She even plans to come back during the school year to work on sundaes, er, Sundays.

"I need the money," she said. "It's nice."

Walter said he determines the amount of the scholarship by how many hours the employee worked their entire time at Dairy Queen.

"If they stay with me and put a lot of time in, it pays off," he said. "The ploy here is to track quality employees and give them an incentive to stay."

Jones said her scholarship would pay $175 per semester to cover tuition costs at Baker.

Splitting the scholarship between two semesters ensures the recipients have to stay in school at least a year.

Walter's background as a teacher and coach underline his desire to keep the recipients in school, he said. That background also comes into play at the workplace.

"That was the hardest part, putting up with Steve," Jones said. "He uses a lot of football. He's sort of like a coach in a way."

Now Jones will be under the leadership of a different coach, her soccer coach at Baker where she plans for now to study psychology and eventually law.

"She's very deserving," Walter said. "She's been an outstanding employee, and I'm sure she'll be an asset to Baker."

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