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New faces greet returning students

August 23, 2001

As hard as it seems, the time is once again here when kids no longer are allowed to sleep in and bed times are enforced. Gone are the afternoons at the swimming pool, playing baseball and hanging out with friends.

Yes folks, it is school time and I am sure you ask yourself where the summer has gone. I do know one thing for suremost parents I have spoken with over the past few weeks are quite happy that school is FINALLY starting. I would like to take some time to address the changes, issues and discussion on how this can be the best school year for you and your child(ren).

There have been many changes throughout the Eudora school district in the past few months. This includes a rekindled spirit among faculty members who are given the charge of educating our young people. Each new school year brings us many new student faces. This August, however, brings many new faculty and staff faces as well.

Those of you who follow the events in the newspaper are well aware of the transformations. Marty Kobza has been given the task of leading our school district. The new superintendent is an educator with a vision for our children and will strive to attain excellence both in and outside the classroom. If you get the opportunity to visit with him, you will leave the conversation with a renewed attitude.

There have been some major changes in individual school leadership as well.

Dale Sample, principal at the middle school for the past three years will step in the role as principal at the high school. His knowledge of Eudora and prior experience will be beneficial not only for staff, but for students as well.

Don Grosdidier has left the classroom and is now the principal at the middle school. He has dedicated the past 12 years or so to educating our students and will now have the opportunity to share this experience at a difficult age level. In regard to staff, there are virtually no changes at the middle school.

Jim Lauer takes the helm at Nottingham Elementary. The school had been under the guidance of Tom Jerome, who retired this summer after many decades of principaling. The new principal comes from the Nemaha Valley school district where he served as principal for the past nine years. He also brings a different style and outlook.

Eudora West is the only school where there are in essence no changes. We still have the same old principal it's had for the past seven years (me). The teachers have remained constant.

When I meet with the grade levels at EWE, I address issues that will allow success. The concept is simple. We will provide teaching, books, leadership and a positive and safe learning environment. Students need to be responsible by being on time, doing the assignments on time, behaving properly. Parents need to ensure that their child(ren) are on time for school, ensure they have done the homework and be available to work as a team if needed.

I must stress the importance of parental involvement. For those who might be interested, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved. At every level, there are conferences conducted after the first nine weeks. It is so important to attend these as a parent. At the elementary level, there is the PTO, an organization that assists the schools in promoting education and providing extras. There is also an opportunity for parents to be involved and have an active role in what happens at school. This is called Site Base Council. Every school has a Site Base Council, which consists of parents, teachers and members of the community coming together to address educational needs.

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