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Letter to the editor

August 30, 2001

Dear Editor,

It's very easy to sit back and criticize when you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Bravo to the City Council for considering making the Fire Chief job a full-time position. In my opinion, it's long over due.

As a daughter of a retired Fire Chief, the only good place for a firefighter is sitting on his or her rump. These selfless people risk their lives every time they race to a call. They think not of themselves or their paychecks, but of the lives that are in danger. They even save those who were stupid enough to put themselves in harms way in the first place.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not "Smallsville" and meteorites did not land. No Clark Kent or Superman. Would you risk your life on a daily basis to save some ungrateful S.O.B. who doesn't think you should be able to make a living doing what you do? Of course not. That's why you were writing your comments in the first place.

Who are you to say what justifies part- or full-time? I just hope that you never have to be in the position of being in a burning building, your loves ones dying around you, waiting those precious seconds for the fire fighters to get to you and save you and your family. Because, unlike Superman, they will be there and they will save you or they will die themselves trying.

If our Chief were not as wonderful as he is, the Eudora Fire Department would not be what it is today. Think about this the next time you hear those sirens going off and do what I did as a childPray that God is watching over those men and that they come back safely. Because these heroes are not just fire fighters, they are sons, fathers, brothers, nephews and husbands.

So, maybe for the next call, maybe the Fire Chief should write the article and you could tend the fire. Then maybe you will see that "Parade Duty" ain't all it's cracked up to be.

To all of you who risk your all for the safety of others, God bless and watch over you. You are worth far more than what you are being paid.

Lisa Rockhold,

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