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Kracl picked to tackle construction issues

December 27, 2001

Bruce Kracl is used to dealing with construction issues at schools, so serving as the district's construction consultant shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

After interviewing four candidates with four very different construction backgrounds, the Eudora Board of Education decided Dec. 19 on Kracl, who manages operations and maintenance for the Shawnee Mission school district.

Although the board chose Kracl, details of the job and contract have to be worked out before he is official.

"I felt like everybody was qualified," said board president Mark Crislip after interviewing the candidates. "Everybody brought a different view to the table."

Crislip also said he had qualms about the availability of some of the candidates.

"We need someone who's accessible during the week," he said.

Part of that time commitment, Superintendent Marty Kobza said, involved a weekly, at minimum, walk-through.

Echoing the feelings of the board, member Kenny Massey said having the consultant on the job too often would mean unnecessarily repeating the construction manager's job. When the board members ranked the candidates, Kracl came out on top. A civil engineer by degree, Kracl said he has public works-type responsibilities throughout his career whether at the Shawnee Mission schools or in the Air Force.

When the board interviewed the candidates, it asked them the about their experience with bidding, whether consulting would interfere with the candidate's regular jobs, and how much time they anticipated spending on the site.

"We take it from the beginning to the construction process," Kracl said of his bidding experiences at Shawnee Mission.

Working at the construction site would have to take place after his regular job and on the weekends, he said. Although he could be contacted by phone or e-mail during his regular job hours, Kracl said he didn't want it to interfere with his work.

"My principal priority is at the Shawnee Mission schools," Kracl said. "It really comes down to what the requirements would be."

The board told the candidates the district was looking for another set of eyes and ears, not someone to repeat the construction manager's job. Kracl said he spent between 48 and 50 hours a week at his regular job, and he anticipated spending between 5 and 10 hours per week as construction consultant.

"Time commitments may change over the (course of) the project," said board member Brenda Clark.

When the board asked Kracl how he would handle a conflict with the construction manager or others working on the project, he said he'd take a diplomatic approach, looking at the issue from both sides.

The board also wanted to see how comfortable candidates would be making recommendations on all aspects of the project.

"I have a lot of experience on various things, but I don't have experience on everything," Kracl said, adding he didn't feel as comfortable with the financial aspect.

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