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Firefighters go above and beyond


February 8, 2001

If you live in the area of Ninth and Pine streets, you may have noticed some extra activity in your neighborhood Saturday morning.

Dozens of firefighters and several fire and rescue trucks surrounded the house at 917 Pine Street. There was no emergency. Eudora's volunteer fire department was using the house as a training ground.

Close to two dozen Eudora area residents gave up their days off work to practice life-saving skills which they could be called upon to use at any moment.

Weather forecasters promised nice weather for the event, but by noon, the mercury had barely risen above freezing.

We would like to commend the men and women who dedicate their time to make Eudora a safer place for all of us to live and work.

As the name implies, the volunteers are not paid for the many hours they spend training for fire and rescue emergencies. If they are called to an actual emergency, they do receive a few dollars compensation. As one volunteer pointed out, they get just about enough money to pay for the gasoline they use en route to the emergency.

Many may not realize the extent of training the volunteers must go through. To become certified firefighters, they must undergo the same training as their paid counterparts in larger cities.

Volunteerism in any form is to be commended. When volunteers put their lives on the line to help others, they deserve an extra pat on the back.

If you live in Eudora, you likely live near or are friends with a member of the Eudora Fire Department. We hope you will make an extra effort to tell them how much you appreciate what they do for the city.

We hope the firefighters never have to put into use the lifesaving skills they learned on Saturday. However, it's comforting to know they would be ready if needed.

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