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Students test scholastics with spelling bee

February 15, 2001

The knowledge of the covenant proved hazardous when the apprentice mathematician's stentorian circumlocution about the robbery yielded a tardigrade hoax.

Whew! If you knew all the words in that sentence, you would have been successful at the Douglas County Spelling Bee held Saturday at St. John's School in Lawrence.

Julie White, the Eudora Middle School champion, and Todd Roberts, who won at Eudora West Elementary, represented Eudora.

Saturday's oral competition included 27 school champions, 14 girls and 13 boys.

White, an eighth grader, made it to the fifth round correctly spelling "inning," "forelegs," "mathematics," and "hoax." She missed spelling circumlocution, which means an indirect way of speaking, by one letter.

"Soccer," "robbery," "snare," "knowledge" and "covenant" were correctly spelled by sixth-grader Roberts. In the sixth round, he was tripped up by "sardine," but finished in the top 15, the best showing EWE principal Rod Moyer said he's seen for his school over the last seven years.

Moyer and EMS principal Dale Sample attended the event.

More than 150 words were given and the winning words were "allegory" and "linguist." Words started off easier and got progressively more difficult with the choices coming from a list of 500 words in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Handbook.

Middle school participants

Eighth grader Maggie Chilcoat was runner-up in the school spelling bee at EMS.

Other participants in the school bee were eighth graders Derin Stewart, Tabitha Welsh, Cecilia Stumpff, Nichole Ellison, Kelly Becker; and seventh graders Jorden Wise, Chris Wolford, Tim Moran, Chadwyn Waln, Jen Brown, Sarah Springer and Danielle Gregg.

Eudora West winners

Ethan Becker, a fourth-grade student, was runner-up in the recent spelling bee at Eudora West.

Other participants in the school's bee were sixth graders Kyle Schrimsher, Cody Burns, Michael Hamilton; fifth graders Michelle Smith, Connor Hartpence, Nicole Snider, Nick Tillman, Kelson Boyer; and fourth graders JoAnna Male, Marian Mersmann, Madison Mater and Thomas Khongmaly.

Alternate winners were sixth graders Alexander Rushmeyer and Katelin Harrell; fifth graders Kayci Vickers, Mary Braught, Sarah Heschmeyer and Emily Ballock; and fourth graders Dorian Green, Brianna Schumacher and Ben Katzenmeier.

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