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Eudora teachers know who’s who

January 4, 2001

Four Eudora High teachers have been selected for submittal to a national publication that recognizes teachers for their efforts.

Who's Who Among America's Teachers was created in 1990 as a tribute to teachers for their work in the classroom. Teachers must be nominated by students published in Who's Who Among American High School Students.

Chad Eshbaugh, Don Grosdidier, Kim Lancaster and Jeannine Sample were nominated for the sixth edition, which came out last month. The publication is updated every two years.

EHS principal Marty Kobza said the nominations were unique due to where they originated.

"Obviously, it's kind of a nice way to recognize teachers by people who are being successful," Kobza said.

This is the second year Eshbaugh has been nominated for the honor. He said the decision must be difficult for any student because of the high quality of teachers at EHS.

"It's always a neat deal when you get recognized in any positive way," Eshbaugh said. "I know there are a lot of deserving people out there and it was a real honor to be nominated."

Grosdidier is also a Who's Who veteran and said he appreciated being named twice in the publication by former students.

"It's a nice honor because you're being nominated by your own students and students that have excelled," Grosdidier said. "Plus, that they took the time and effort to nominate you always feels good."

Unlike Grosdidier and Eshbaugh, Sample learned who nominated her. Jeff Mathes, a former student from her teaching days at Seaman High School, Topeka, three years ago recommended she be added to the list. Sample said she was "thrilled" to discover she had been named.

"I'm a challenging teacher and it's good to know that some kids appreciate being challenged," Sample said. "I'm one of those teachers, two or three years after you've had me you say, 'I guess she's not too bad.'"

Lancaster also discovered who nominated her, a former Spanish student of four years. She said discovering who made the nomination was a delight.

"Frankly, anytime a student takes the time to appreciate what you've done and lets you know it was worthwhile, I'm pleased," Lancaster said. "She was one of those people who made you feel like you're doing your job."

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